U shape drain Polymer concrete u channel - EN1433

U shape drain Polymer concrete u channel - EN1433
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  • Category:Polymer Concrete Drainage Channel 
  • Model Number:PF300*(330-480)20
  • Loading:B125 C250
  • Material:polymer concrete
  • Width (Inner):300MM
  • Product Manual:Iron Polymer Concrete Drainage Channel With Cast Iron Grate Galvanized

    Iron Polymer Concrete Drainage Channel With Cast Iron Grate Galvanized


    U shape drain /Polymer concrete u channel - EN1433 Description :

    1). Durability and stability;

    2). Without contamination hazard;

    3). Higher compressive strength and bending strength;

    4). Long lasting and require minimal maintenance;

    5). Resistance to abrasion, weathering, water penetration and freeze-thaw cycles;

    6). Easy to install, consuming far less labor, lower installation cost.


    High ways • Park zones • Sports facilities • Chemical substance producing facilities • Entertainment complexes • Garages • Walkers • Food industries schools • Commercial centers • Curbsides •Pool sides barbecue places on terraces • Harbors or airports which are high pressure grounds • Heavy load made stores and warehouses • Food industry channels which require resistance to acid


    Polymer concrete channel with stainless steel slot grating
    Item code Width (Inner) mm Width (Outer) mm Total height mm Edges Loading
    PF300*(330-480)20 300 340 330 N B125/C250
    300 340 380 N B125/C250
    300 340 430 N B125/C250
    300 340 480 N B125/C250
    Grating option
    Item code Length mm Width mm Material Loading
    Slot grating 500/1000 as per channel galvanized steel / stainless steel A15-C250

    Competitive Advantage/ Features:

    1. Resin concrete material, strong bearing capacity, corrosion resistance, frost resistance, long service life,maintenance-free;

    2. Compared with the traditional drainage ditch, the surface is smooth.
    3. Adopt socket connection, easy to install;
    4. Composition of the system: drainage ditch structure, cover plate, inspection wells and accessories.

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