Grating Tiles Press Lock

 Grating Tiles Press Lock
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  • Category:Press Locked Steel Grating
  • Material:mild steel
  • processing technic :Press welded
  • Bearing bar :25*2mm
  • Cross bar :10*2mm
  • Product Manual:High Strength Swimming Pool Grill Plastic Overflow Grating Tiles Press Lock

    High Strength Swimming Pool Grill Plastic Overflow Grating Tiles Press Lock


    The bearing bar comes in the form of an I-Section. This I Bar Type Steel Grating is used where
    high strength is required and lightweight is critical. The production process is same as common panels. It also can be treated as galvanising, painting or black.

    galvanizied serrated grating is carrying flat steel and bars according to certain spacing orthogonal combination,to be open-steel components fixed by welding or pressure lock. Crossbar general use through twisted square steel may also be round steel or flat steel.

    Material is divided into carbon steel and stainless steel. Steel grating mainly used for steel structure platform plate, trench cover, ladders treads, ceiling and other buildings.


    Hot dipped galvanized steel grating/Steel grid grate application

    Steel grating can be widely used in petrochemical, water plants, sewage treatment plants,

    municipal engineering, environmental engineering and other fields of platforms, walkways, trestlebridge, ditch cover, covers, ladders, fences and railings etc.


    PRESS LOCKED GRATING Material: mild steel
    Surface treatment: hot dip galvanized
    Item code Grating dimensions B*L mm Mesh mm a*b Bearing bar mm Cross bar mm
    302301 200*200 33*33 25*2 10*2
    302302 250*250 33*33 25*2 10*2
    302303 300*300 33*33 25*2 10*2
    302304 350*350 33*33 25*2 10*2
    302305 400*400 33*33 25*2 10*2
    302306 450*450 33*33 25*2 10*2
    302307 500*500 33*33 25*2 10*2
    302308 550*550 33*33 25*2 10*2


    1. High strength, light structure: solid grid pressure welding structure has advantages of high load, light structure, easy installation, etc.
    2. Fine appearance, durable in use: hot zinc dipping surface treatment makes it own fairly good corrosion resistance, bright and beautiful surface.
    3. Good ventilation, lighting, thermal, anti-explosion, and anti-skid performance.
    4. Prevent dirt deposition.

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