• R&D


    Tell us your needs and expectations, we will provide you a market-competitive and cost-effective mechanical solution! SENSE has professional engineers in the mechanical field. Premise to meet customer'mechanical requirements, we will work collaboratively to make full use of our existing equipment, mold and supply chain...

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  • Sheet Processing

    Sheet Processing

    SENSE serves the world's first-class customers. We know that the precision and stability of dimensions are of great significance to customers...

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  • Precision Welding

    Precision Welding

    The reliability and safety of welding must stand the test! "Welding robot + intelligent welding machine management software + international-level welding personnel" constitutes the precision welding process of Well-Tech...

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  • Surface Treatment

    Surface Treatment

    Comprehensive professional surface treatment equipment and capabilities to meet the diverse requirements of customers. SENSE has its own pre-treatment line which is divided into physical treatment and chemical treatment...

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  • Assembly And Integration

    Assembly And Integration

    Because of the multi-regional distribution, we can provide you with fast assembly and integration services at your convenient!Starting from customer needs, we provide you with advanced assembly integration services from a cost-effective perspective which involve the technical application and supporting of riveting, welding, threaded connections, glued connections...

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  • Quality Assurance And Logistics

    Quality Assurance And Logistics

    SENSE ensures the excellent quality of each product, at the same time, we provide faster and more direct material procurement and logistics so as to assist you with a better cost structure to achieve the grand goal of entering the market and winning the market as soon as possible!...

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