Steel Catwalk Grating

Steel Catwalk Grating
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  • Category:Press Welded Steel Grating
  • Material:Carbon Steel
  • Product surface:Galvanized, Hot Dipped, Mill Finish, Black etc
  • Bearing bar size:25x3mm, 32x5mm, 40x5mm etc
  • Bearing bar pitch:30mm, 50mm etc
  • Product Manual:"L" shape frame: thickness 5mm, height 45mm

    Frame Steel Grating Cover Flat Welding 25x3mm / 32x5mm Bearing Bar Size


    1)  Bearing bar specification: 20 x 3 to 100 x 6
    2)  Bearing bar pitch: 12.5, 15, 30, 40, 60mm etc, also be according to client's requirement and 30, 40, 60mm are recommended
    3)  Cross bar pitch: 38, 50, 76, 100mm, also be according to client's requirement and 50, 100mm are recommended
    4)  Material: Mild steel or stainless steel
    5)  Surface treatment: Untreated, painted or hot-DIP galvanized
    6)  Steel Grating Standards:
    A)  China: YB/T4001-1998
    B)  USA: ANSI / NAAMM (MBG531-88)
    C)  UK: BS4592-1987
    D)  Australia: AS1657-1985


    1. hot dipped galvanized press welded 2mm steel grating for drainage channel with different types and specifications are widely used for operating gangways, operating floors, stair ways, open channels and so on. etc.

    2. Steel grating is use of steel grid plate design and is widely used in city roads, squares, gardens, piers, airports, car parks, roads, railways, industrial engineering, civil construction of various industries.


    "L" shape frame: thickness 5mm, height 45mm
    Material: mild steel
    Surface treatment: hot dip galvanized
    Item code Grating dimensions B*L mm Mesh mm Bearing bar mm Cross bar mm
    301401 1015*300 30*30 40*5 6*6
    301402 1015*400 30*30 40*5 6*6
    301403 1015*500 30*30 40*5 6*6
    301404 1015*600 30*30 40*5 6*6

    Competitive Advantage/Features:

    1. Best drainage: water leakage area of 83.3%, is more than double the cast iron.

    2. Save investment: long-span. Heavy load than cast iron and the lowest savings in the cost of replacing stolen, then crushed.
    3. Size Multi: different specifications can meet the different environments, load. Span, size and shape required.

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