Recessed Covers- RLN12

Recessed Covers- RLN12
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  • Category:Aluminum Manhole Covers
  • Material:Aluminium
  • Process:Aluminum profile,Cutting,Welding,Assembling
  • Color:Customized
  • Packing:PP bag,carton case,pallets,or according to customer's requirements
  • Product Manual:Recessed Manhole Cover Aluminum Material Interior And Exterior

    Recessed Covers- RLN12

    Information & Properties

    1 Frame and cover are made of extruded aluminum profile and are easy to open with lifting keys

    2 Suitable for tiles,natural stone and so on.

    3 Application: interior and exterior.

    4 The built-in installation height is 55mm(inter depth is 45mm).

    5 The cover is gas, smell and waterproof.

    6 The cover is not screw tight.

    7 The cover has a double high-grade EPDM seals.

    8 The inspection cover is standard equipped with a reinforcement mesh.

    9 The bottom plate is made of a 3mm aluminum plate.


    aluminum recessed cover is a smell and waterproof aluminum inspection cover. The inspection covers are expertly provided with two seals: two seals at the base.

    aluminum series is available in three different heights: 55mm – 80mm – 100mm. This makes it easy for the contractor to select the right inspection cover for each application.

    In addition to the standard dimensions of 200x200mm to 1000x1000mm, we also offer special bespoke solutions.


    floor,road,driveway,garden,park,Industry,Construction and public use,etc.,etc.

    How to install an Inspection cover

    Step 1:

    Remove the cardboard corners and check if there are any damage. Place the cover in the correct position. Apply concrete fillers evenly and adequately on the edge of the frame. Make sure there are no cavitations in concrete, because these cavitations may adversely affect the density of the protective layer or bend under load.

    Take into account the final finish layer. Use the level to take the cover to the right height.

    Step 2:

    Give the concrete plenty of time to harden (at least 48 hours) and open the cover when the concrete is 90% hard. Remove any concrete or other residue on the frame or recessed cover.

    Step 3:

    Apply the concrete filling to the recessed cover evenly, and place the reinforcement mesh in the right position: make sure it does not touch the bottom or sides.

    Take care the height of the finish layer again.

    Step 4:

    Lay the pavers, tiles or other finish and fill the joints.


    Competitive Advantage:

    Our main range of manhole covers with aluminium and stainless steel materials provide internally and externally use for floor,road,driveway,garden or show rooms and other areas where the best aesthetic finish is required.

    .Frame & cover are made of extruded aluminium profile and galvanized stainless steel

    .Easy to lift with threaded lifting keys

    .We can follow your dimentions and requirements per your design.

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