Press Welded Grating-T-Type

Press Welded Grating-T-Type
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  • Category:Press Welded Steel Grating
  • Surface treatment:hot dipped galvanized
  • processing technic :Press welded
  • Material:Steel,stainless steel
  • Mesh:34*38
  • Product Manual:Building Materials Welded Bar Grating Hot Dip Galvanized Anti Slip Open Style

    Building Materials Welded Bar Grating Hot Dip Galvanized Anti Slip Open Style


    The steel grating is made of flat steel which is cross-aligned according to a certain spacing and cross bar (twisted square steel, square steel,

    round steel, flat steel, etc.) and welded into a steel product with a square lattice in the middle.


    1). Bearing bar specification: 20 x 3 to 100 x 6
    2). Bearing bar pitch: 12.5, 15, 30, 40, 60mm etc, also be according to client's requirement and 30, 40, 60mm are recommended
    3). Cross bar pitch: 38, 50, 76, 100mm, also be according to client's requirement and 50, 100mm are recommended
    4). Material: Mild steel or stainless steel
    5). Surface treatment: Untreated, painted or hot-DIP galvanized
    6). Steel Grating Standards:


    PRESS WELDED GRATING -T TYPE Material: mild steel Surface treatment: hot dip galvanized
    Item code Grating dimensions B*L mm Mesh mm Bearing barmm Cross barmm
    300101 995*150(DITCHED) 34*38 25*2 5*5
    300102 995*200(DITCHED) 34*38 25*2 5*5
    300103 995*250(DITCHED) 34*38 25*2 5*5
    300104 995*300(DITCHED) 34*38 25*2 5*5
    300105 995*350(DITCHED) 34*38 25*2 5*5
    300106 995*400(DITCHED) 34*38 25*2 5*5
    300107 995*450(DITCHED) 34*38 25*2 5*5
    300108 995*500(DITCHED) 34*38 25*2 5*5

    Competitive Advantage/Features:

    1). Anti-soil: no rain, ice and dust

    2). Lightweight structure: less material, light structure and easy lifting.

    3). Reduce wind resistance: due to good ventilation, small wind resistance and wind damage.

    4). Acid-base corrosion ability: In the range of PH 6 to PH 12.5, a stable protective film is formed on the surface of the zinc layer, and the corrosion resistance is good.

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